TEXT 138
bhaktanam udagad anargala-dhiyam vargo nisargojjvalah
silaih pallavitah sa ballava-vadhu-bandho prabandho 'py asau
lebhe catvaratam ca tandava-vidher vrndatavi-garbha-bhur
manye mad-vidha-punya-mandala-paripako 'yam unmilati
bhaktanam—of devotees; udagat—has appeared; anargala-dhiyam—constantly thinking of Radha-Krsna; vargah—the assembly; nisarga-ujjvalah—naturally very advanced; silaih—with natural poetic decorations; pallavitah—spread like the leaves of a tree; sah—that; ballava-vadhu-bandhah—of the friend of the gopis, Sri Krsna; prabandhah—a literary composition; api—even; asau—that; lebhe—has achieved; catvaratam—the quality of a quadrangular place with level ground; ca—and; tandava-vidheh—for dancing; vrnda-atavi—of the forest of Vrndavana; garbha-bhuh—the inner grounds; manye—I consider; mat-vidha—of persons like me; punya-mandala—of groups of pious activities; paripakah—the full development; ayam—this; unmilati—appears.
'The devotees now present are constantly thinking of the Supreme Lord and are therefore highly advanced. This work named Vidagdha-madhava depicts the characteristic pastimes of Lord Krsna with decorations of poetic ornaments. And the inner grounds of the forest of Vrndavana provide a suitable platform for the dancing of Krsna with the gopis. Therefore I think that the pious activities of persons like us, who have tried to advance in devotional service, have now attained maturity.'
This is verse eight of the First Act of Vidagdha-madhava.

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