TEXT 139
abhivyakta mattah prakrti-laghu-rupad api budha
vidhatri siddharthan hari-guna-mayi vah krtir iyam
pulindenapy agnih kimu samidham-unmathya janito
hiranya-sreninam apaharati nantah-kalusatam
abhivyaktamanifested; mattahfrom me; prakrtiby nature; laghu-rupatsituated in a lower position; apialthough; budhahO learned devotees; vidhatriwhich may bring about; siddha-arthanall the objects of perfection; hari-guna-mayiwhose subject matter is the attributes of Krsna; vahof you; krtihthe poetic play known as Vidagdha-madhava; iyamthis; pulindenaby the lowest class of men; apialthough; agniha fire; kimuwhether; samidhamthe wood; unmathyarubbing; janitahproduced; hiranyaof gold; sreninamof quantities; apaharativanquishes; nanot; antahinner; kalusatamdirty things.
"O learned devotees, I am by nature ignorant and low, yet even though it is from me that Vidagdha-madhava has come, it is filled with descriptions of the transcendental attributes of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Therefore, wiIl not such literature bring about the attainment of the highest goal of life? Although its wood may be ignited by a low-class ma, fire can nevertheless purify gold. Although I am very low by nature, this book may help cleanse the dirt from within the hearts of the golden devotees.' "
This verse is also from Vidagdha-madhava (1.6).

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