TEXT 260
rupe kamsa-harasya lubdha-nayanam sparse 'tihrsyat-tvacam
vanyam utkalita-srutim parimale samhrsta-nasa-putam
arajyad-rasanam kiladhara-pute nyancan-mukhambho-ruham
dambhodgirna-maha-dhrtim bahir api prodyad-vikarakulam
rupe—in the beauty; kamsa-harasya—of Krsna, the enemy of Kamsa; lubdha—captivated; nayanam—whose eyes; sparse—in the touch; ati-hrsyat—very much jubilant; tvacam—whose skin; vanyam—in the vibration of the words; utkalita—very eager; srutim—whose ear; parimale—in the fragrance; samhrsta—stolen by happiness; nasa-putam—whose nostrils; arajyat—being completely attracted; rasanam—whose tongue; kila—what to speak of; adhara-pute—to the lips; nyancat—bending down; mukha—whose face; ambhah-ruham—like a lotus flower; dambha—by pride; udgirna—manifesting; maha-dhrtim—great patience; bahih—externally; api—although; prodyat—manifesting; vikara—transformations; akulam—overwhelmed.
"Her eyes are enchanted by the beauty of Lord Krsna, the enemy of Kamsa. Her body thrills in pleasure at His touch. Her ears are always attracted to His sweet voice, Her nostrils are enchanted by His fragrance, and Her tongue hankers for the nectar of His soft lips. She hangs down her lotuslike face, exercising self-control only by pretense, but She cannot help showing the external signs of Her spontaneous love for Lord Krsna."
Thus Srila Rupa Gosvami describes the countenance of Radharani.

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