TEXT 189
e virodhera eka matra dekhi samadhana
gopikara sukha krsna-sukhe paryavasana
ethis; virodheraof the contradiction; ekaone; matraonly; dekhiI see; samadhanasolution; gopikaraof the gopis; sukhathe happiness; krsna-sukhein the happiness of Lord Krsna; paryavasanathe conclusion.
For this contradiction I see only one solution: the joy of the gopis lies in the joy of their beloved Krsna.
The situation of the gopis is perplexing, for although they did not want personal happiness, it was imposed upon them. The solution to this perplexity is that Sri Krsna's sense of happiness is limited by the happiness of the gopis. Devotees at Vrndavana therefore try to serve the gopis, namely Radharani and Her associates. If one gains the favor of the gopis, he easily gains the favor of Krsna because on the recommendation of the gopis Krsna at once accepts the service of a devotee. Lord Caitanya, therefore, wanted to please the gopis instead of Krsna. But His contemporaries misunderstood Him, and for this reason Lord Caitanya renounced the order of householder life and became a sannyasi.

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