TEXT 195
'hari' 'hari' kari' hindu kare kolahala
patasaha sunile tomara karibeka phala
hari hari kari'-saying "Hari, Hari"; hinduthe Hindus; karemake; kolahalatumultuous sound; patasahathe king; sunileif hearing; tomarayour; karibekawill do; phalapunishment.
" 'Vibrating "Hari, Hari," the Hindus make a tumultuous sound. If the king [patasaha] hears it, certainly he will punish you.'
Patasaha refers to the king. Nawab Hussain Shah, whose full name was Ala Uddin Saiyad Husen Sa, was at that time (A.D. 1498-1521) the independent King of Bengal. Formerly he was the servant of the cruel Nawab of the Habsi dynasty named Mujahphara Khan, but somehow or other he assassinated his master and became the King. After gaining the throne of Bengal (technically called Masnada), he declared himself Saiyad Husen Ala Uddin Seriph Mukka. There is a book called Riyaja Us-salatina, whose author, Golam Husen, says that Nawab Hussain Shah belonged to the family of Mukka Seriph. To keep his family's glory, he took the name Seriph Mukka. Generally, however, he is known as Nawab Hussain Shah. After his death, his eldest son, Nasaratsa, became King of Bengal (A.D. 1521-1533). This King also was very cruel. He committed many atrocities against the Vaisnavas. As a result of his sinful activities, one of his servants from the Khoja group killed him while he was praying in the mosque.

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