TEXT 103
ei mata bhakta-tati, yanra yei dese sthiti,
tahan tahan pana mano-bale
nace, kare sankirtana, anande vihvala mana,
dana kare grahanera chale
ei mata—in this way; bhakta-tati—all the devotees there; yanra—whose; yei—whichever; dese—in the country; sthiti—resident; tahan tahan—there and there; pana—taking advantage; manah-bale—by the strength of the mind; nace—dance; kare sankirtana—perform sankirtana; anande—in joyfulness; vihvala—overwhelmed; mana—mind; dana—in charity; kare—give; grahanera—of the lunar eclipse; chale—on the pretense.
In this way all the devotees, wherever they were situated, in every city and every country, danced, performed sankirtana and gave charity by mental strength on the plea of the lunar eclipse, their minds overwhelmed with joy.

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