dui-rupe haya bhagavanera prakasa
eke ta' prakasa haya, are ta' vilasa
dui-rupein two forms; hayaare; bhagavaneraof the Supreme Personality of Godhead; prakasamanifestations; ekein one; ta'-certainly; prakasamanifestation; hayais; arein the other; ta'-certainly; vilasaengaged in pastimes.
The Personality of Godhead exhibits Himself in two kinds of forms: prakasa and vilasa.
The Supreme Lord expands His personal forms in two primary categories. The prakasa forms are manifested by Lord Krsna for His pastimes, and their features are exactly like His. When Lord Krsna married sixteen thousand queens in Dvaraka, He did so in sixteen thousand prakasa expansions. Similarly, during the rasa dance He expanded Himself in identical prakasa forms to dance beside each and every gopi simultaneously. When the Lord manifests His vilasa expansions, however, they are all somewhat different in their bodily features. Lord Balarama is the first vilasa expansion of Lord Krsna, and the four-handed Narayana forms in Vaikuntha expand from Balarama. There is no difference between the bodily forms of Sri Krsna and Balarama except that Their bodily colors are different. Similarly, Sri Narayana in Vaikuntha has four hands, whereas Krsna has only two. The expansions of the Lord who manifest such bodily differences are known as vilasa-vigrahas.

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