jnanam parama-guhyam me
yad vijnana-samanvitam
sa-rahasyam tad-angam ca
grhana gaditam maya
jnanamknowledge; paramaextremely; guhyamconfidential; meof Me; yatwhich; vijnanarealization; samanvitamfully endowed with; sa-rahasyamalong with mystery; tatof that; angamsupplementary parts; caand; grhanajust try to take up; gaditamexplained; mayaby Me.
"Please hear attentively what I shall speak to you, for transcendental knowledge about Me is not only scientific but also full of mysteries.
Transcendental knowledge of Sri Krsna is deeper than the impersonal knowledge of Brahman, for it includes knowledge of not only His form and personality but also everything else related to Him. There is nothing in existence not related with Sri Krsna. In a sense, there is nothing but Sri Krsna, and yet nothing is Sri Krsna save and except His primeval personality. This knowledge constitutes a complete transcendental science, and Visnu wanted to give Brahmaji full knowledge about that science. The mystery of this knowledge culminates in personal attachment to the Lord, with a resulting effect of detachment from anything "non-Krsna." There are nine alternative transcendental means to attain this stage: hearing, chanting, remembering, serving the lotus feet of the Lord, worshiping, praying, assisting, fraternizing with the Lord, and sacrificing everything for Him. These are different parts of the same devotional service, which is full of transcendental mystery. The Lord said to Brahma that since He was pleased with him, by His grace the mystery was being revealed.

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