Submissive Inquiry
The Yamadutas said, “We wish to learn from you what are the actual facts regarding this incident. If you think that we shall be able to understand, please enlighten us.” This is the way of inquiring submissively from superiors. Not challenging. We shall always find that Maharaja Pariksit, Arjuna, and anyone else executing this process of spiritual enlightenment inquires with humble submission and a mood of service. Merely because we put a question to our superior does not mean that he is obliged to answer us. Sometimes he may refuse if we are not able to comprehend the answer. We cannot demand. Inquiry, submission, and service are the way to knowledge. Whenever Maharaja Pariksit questioned Sukadeva Gosvami, he said very submissively, “If you think that I shall be able to understand, please answer this question.”
Before Yamaraja replied to the Yamadutas, he first remembered the lotus feet of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krsna. Just as the subordinate puts the question to his superior with a submissive attitude, similarly, the superior is not proud, boasting, “Yes, I can answer your question!” He remembers the lotus feet of the Lord and prays, “Whatever You help me to speak, I’ll answer.” As long as the teacher is not proud and the disciple is not disobedient, puffed up, or impudent, they can exchange spiritual questions and answers. One should not inquire in a challenging mood, and the one who answers should remember the lotus feet of the Lord so that the right answer will be given.
Yamaraja was very pleased with his servants because they had chanted the holy name of Narayana in his dominion. Yamaraja has to deal with men who are all sinful and who can hardly understand Narayana. Consequently, when his order-carriers uttered the name of Narayana, he was extremely pleased, for he is also a Vaisnava.

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