iti vyavasito buddhya
hitvanya-bhavam ajnanam
tatah svam bhavam asthitah
itithus; vyavasitahhaving firmly decided; buddhyaby proper intelligence; narayana-grhitayacompletely controlled by the mercy of Narayana, the Supreme Personality of Godhead; hitvagiving up; anya-bhavamconsciousness other than Krsna consciousness; ajnanamwhich is nothing but constant ignorance and darkness; tatahthereafter; svamhis original position as an eternal servant of Krsna; bhavamdevotional service; asthitahsituated.
Thus Maharaja Khatvanga, by his advanced intelligence in rendering service to the Lord, gave up false identification with the body full of ignorance. In his original position of eternal servitorship, he engaged himself in rendering service to the Lord.
When one actually becomes purely Krsna conscious, no one has any right to rule over him. When situated in Krsna consciousness, one is no longer in the darkness of ignorance, and when freed from all such darkness, one is situated in his original position. Jivera svarupa hayakrsnera nitya-dasa. [Cc. Madhya 20.108]. The living entity is eternally the servant of the Lord, and thus when he engages himself in the service of the Lord in all respects, he enjoys the perfection of life.

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