rathena vayu-vegena
prayantam anudhavati
desan punanti nirdagdhan
asincat sagaratmajan
rathenaon a chariot; vayu-vegenadriving at the speed of the wind; prayantamMaharaja Bhagiratha, who was going in front; anudhavatirunning after; desanall the countries; punantisanctifying; nirdagdhanwho had been burnt to ashes; asincatsprinkled over; sagara-atmajanthe sons of Sagara.
Bhagiratha mounted a swift chariot and drove before mother Ganges, who followed him, purifying many countries, until they reached the ashes of Bhagirathas forefathers, the sons of Sagara, who were thus sprinkled with water from the Ganges.

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