sri-bhagavan uvaca
asvo yam niyatam vatsa
pitamaha-pasus tava
ime ca pitaro dagdha
gangambho rhanti netarat
sri-bhagavan uvacathe great personality Kapila Muni said; asvahhorse; ayamthis; niyatamtake; vatsaO My son; pitamahaof your grandfather; pasuhthis animal; tavayour; imeall these; caalso; pitarahbodies of forefathers; dagdhahburnt to ashes; ganga-ambhahthe water of the Ganges; arhantican be saved; nanot; itaratany other means.
The Personality of Godhead said: My dear Amsuman, here is the animal sought by your grandfather for sacrifice. Please take it. As for your forefathers, who have been burnt to ashes, they can be delivered only by Ganges water, and not by any other means.

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