TEXTS 15ľ16
asamanjasa atmanam
darsayann asamanjasam
jati-smarah pura sangad
yogi yogad vicalitah
acaran garhitam loke
jnatinam karma vipriyam
sarayvam kridato balan
prasyad udvejayan janam
asamanjasah—the son of Sagara Maharaja; atmanam—personally; darsayan—exhibiting; asamanjasam—very disturbing; jati-smarah—able to remember his past life; pura—formerly; sangat—from bad association; yogi—although he was a great mystic yogi; yogat—from the path of executing mystic yoga; vicalitah—fell down; acaran—behaving; garhitam—very badly; loke—in the society; jnatinam—of his relatives; karma—activities; vipriyam—not very favorable; sarayvam—in the River Sarayu; kridatah—while engaged in sports; balan—all the boys; prasyat—would throw; udvejayan—giving trouble; janam—to people in general.
Formerly, in his previous birth, Asamanjasa had been a great mystic yogi, but by bad association he had fallen from his exalted position. Now, in this life, he was born in a royal family and was a jati-smara; that is, he had the special advantage of being able to remember his past birth. Nonetheless, he wanted to display himself as a miscreant, and therefore he would do things that were abominable in the eyes of the public and unfavorable to his relatives. He would disturb the boys sporting in the River Sarayu by throwing them into the depths of the water.

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