evam vasan grhe kalam
virakto nyasam asthitah
vanam jagamanuyayus
tat-patnyah pati-devatah
evamin this way; vasanliving; grheat home; kalampassing away time; viraktahbecame detached; nyasamin the renounced order of life; asthitahbecame situated; vanamin the forest; jagamahe went; anuyayuhwas followed by; tat-patnyahall his wives; pati-devatahbecause their only worshipable object was their husband.
In this way he passed his life in household affairs for some time, but then he became detached from material enjoyment. To renounce material association, he accepted the vanaprastha order and went to the forest. His devoted wives followed him, for they had no shelter other than their husband.

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