ekas tapasvy aham athambhasi matsya-sangat
pancasad asam uta panca-sahasra-sargah
nantam vrajamy ubhaya-krtya-manorathanam
maya-gunair hrta-matir visaye írtha-bhavah
ekah—one only; tapasvi—great sage; aham—I; atha—thus; ambhasi—in the deep water; matsya-sangat—by associating with the fish; pancasat—fifty; asam—got wives; uta—and what to speak of begetting one hundred sons in each of them; panca-sahasra-sargah—procreation of five thousand; na antam—no end; vrajami—I can find; ubhaya-krtya—duties of this life and the next; manorathanam—mental concoctions; maya-gunaih—influenced by the modes of material nature; hrta—lost; matih visaye—great attraction for material things; artha-bhavah—matters of self-interest.
In the beginning I was alone and engaged in performing the austerities of mystic yoga, but later, because of the association of fish engaged in sex, I desired to marry. Then I became the husband of fifty wives, and in each of them I begot one hundred sons, and thus my family increased to five thousand members. By the influence of the modes of material nature, I became fallen and thought that I would be happy in material life. Thus there is no end to my material desires for enjoyment, in this life and the next.

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