aho imam pasyata me vinasam
tapasvinah sac-carita-vratasya
antarjale vari-cara-prasangat
pracyavitam brahma ciram dhrtam yat
aho—alas; imam—this; pasyata—just see; me—of me; vinasam—falldown; tapasvinah—who was such a great mystic performing austerity; sat-carita—of very good character, observing all necessary rules and regulations; vratasya—of one who has taken a vow strictly; antah-jale—in the depths of the water; vari-cara-prasangat—because of the affairs of the aquatics; pracyavitam—fallen; brahma—from the activities of Brahman realization or austerity; ciram—for a long time; dhrtam—executed; yat—which.
Alas! While practicing austerity, even within the depths of the water, and while observing all the rules and regulations practiced by saintly persons, I lost the results of my long austerities simply by association with the sexual affairs of fish. Everyone should observe this falldown and learn from it.

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