yavat surya udeti sma
yavac ca pratitisthati
tat sarvam yauvanasvasya
mandhatuh ksetram ucyate
yavat—as long as; suryah—the sun; udeti—has risen on the horizon; sma—in the past; yavat—as long as; ca—also; pratitisthati—continues to stay; tat—all those things mentioned above; sarvam—everything; yauvanasvasya—of the son of Yuvanasva; mandhatuh—called Mandhata; ksetram—location; ucyate—is said to be.
All places, from where the sun rises on the horizon, shining brilliantly, to where the sun sets, are known as the possession of the celebrated Mandhata, the son of Yuvanasva.

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