kaṁ dhāsyati kumāro ’yaṁ
stanye rorūyate bhṛśam
māṁ dhātā vatsa mā rodīr
itīndro deśinīm adāt
kam—by whom; dhāsyati—will he be cared for by being supplied breast milk; kumāraḥ—child; ayam—this; stanye—for drinking breast milk; rorūyate—is crying; bhṛśam—so much; mām dhātā—just drink me; vatsa—my dear child; rodīḥ—do not cry; iti—thus; indraḥ—King Indra; deśinīm—the index finger; adāt—gave him to suck.
The baby cried so much for breast milk that all the brāhmaṇas were very unhappy. “Who will take care of this baby?” they said. Then Indra, who was worshiped in that yajña, came and solaced the baby. “Do not cry,” Indra said. Then Indra put his index finger in the baby’s mouth and said, “You may drink me.”

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