so ’sitvadrtam anitam
atithyam sarva-kamikam
trptatma nrpatim praha
bhujyatam iti sadaram
sah—he (Durvasa); asitva—after eating sumptuously; adrtam—with great respect; anitam—received; atithyam—offered different varieties of food; sarva-kamikam—fulfilling all kinds of tastes; trpta-atma—thus being fully satisfied; nrpatim—unto the King; praha—said; bhujyatam—my dear King, you eat also; iti—in this way; sa-adaram—with great respect.
Thus the King respectfully received Durvasa Muni, who after eating varieties of palatable food was so satisfied that with great affection he requested the King to eat also, saying, “Please take your meal.”

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