tat putra-pautra-naptrnam
gotrani ca na srnmahe
kalo ’bhiyatas tri-nava-
tat—there; putra—of the sons; pautra—of the grandsons; naptrnam—and of the descendants; gotrani—the family dynasties; ca—also; na—not; srnmahe—we do hear of; kalah—time; abhiyatah—have passed; tri—three; nava—nine; catur-yuga—four yugas (Satya, Treta, Dvapara and Kali); vikalpitah—thus measured.
Twenty-seven catur-yugas have already passed. Those upon whom you may have decided are now gone, and so are their sons, grandsons and other descendants. You cannot even hear about their names.
During Lord Brahma’s day, fourteen Manus or one thousand maha-yugas pass away. Brahma informed King Kakudmi that twenty-seven maha-yugas, each consisting of the four periods Satya, Treta, Dvapara and Kali, had already passed. All the kings and other great personalities born in those yugas had now departed from memory into obscurity. This is the way of time as it moves through past, present and future.

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