anvajanams tatah sarve
graham somasya casvinoh
bhisajav iti yat purvam
somahutya bahis-krtau
anvajanan—with their permission; tatah—thereafter; sarve—all the demigods; graham—a full pot; somasya—of soma-rasa; ca—also; asvinoh—of the Asvini-kumaras; bhisajau—although only physicians; iti—thus; yat—because; purvam—before this; soma-ahutya—with a share in the soma-yajna; bahih-krtau—who had been disallowed or excluded.
Although the Asvini-kumaras were only physicians and were therefore excluded from drinking soma-rasa in sacrifices, the demigods agreed to allow them henceforward to drink it.

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