graham grahisye somasya
yajne vam apy asoma-poh
kriyatam me vayo-rupam
pramadanam yad ipsitam
graham—a full pot; grahisye—I shall give; somasya—of soma-rasa; yajne—in sacrifice; vam—of both of you; api—although; asoma-poh—of you two, who are not eligible to drink soma-rasa; kriyatam—just execute; me—my; vayah—young age; rupam—beauty of a young man; pramadanam—of women as a class; yat—which is; ipsitam—desirable.
Cyavana Muni said: Although you are ineligible to drink soma-rasa in sacrifices, I promise to give you a full pot of it. Kindly arrange beauty and youth for me, because they are attractive to young women.

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