kasyacit tv atha kalasya
nasatyav asramagatau
tau pujayitva provaca
vayo me dattam isvarau
kasyacitafter some (time); tubut; athain this way; kalasyatime having passed; nasatyauthe two Asvini-kumaras; asramathat place of Cyavana Muni; agataureached; tauunto those two; pujayitvaoffering respectful obeisances; provacasaid; vayahyouth; meunto me; dattamplease give; isvaraubecause you two are able to do so.
Thereafter, some time having passed, the Asvini-kumara brothers, the heavenly physicians, happened to come to Cyavana Munis asrama. After offering them respectful obeisances, Cyavana Muni requested them to give him youthful life, for they were able to do so.
The heavenly physicians like the Asvini-kumaras could give youthful life even to one who was advanced in age. Indeed, great yogis, with their mystic powers, can even bring a dead body back to life if the structure of the body is in order. We have already discussed this in connection with Bali Maharajas soldiers and their treatment by Sukracarya. Modern medical science has not yet discovered how to bring a dead body back to life or bring youthful energy to an old body, but from these verses we can understand that such treatment is possible if one is able to take knowledge from the Vedic information. The Asvini-kumaras were expert in Ayur-veda, as was Dhanvantari. In every department of material science, there is a perfection to be achieved, and to achieve it one must consult the Vedic literature. The highest perfection is to become a devotee of the Lord. To attain this perfection, one must consult Srimad-Bhagavatam, which is understood to be the ripe fruit of the Vedic desire tree (nigama-kalpa-taror galitam phalam [SB 1.1.3]).

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