karenumatyam nakulo
naramitram tatharjunah
iravantam ulupyam vai
sutayam babhruvahanam
manipura-pateh so ’pi
tat-putrah putrika-sutah
karenumatyam—in the wife named Karenumati; nakulahNakula; naramitram—a son named Naramitra; tatha—also; arjunahArjuna; iravantam—Iravan; ulupyam—in the womb of the Naga-kanya named Ulupi; vai—indeed; sutayam—in the daughter; babhruvahanam—a son named Babhruvahana; manipura-pateh—of the king of Manipura; sah—he; api—although; tat-putrah—the son of Arjuna; putrika-sutah—the son of his maternal grandfather.
Nakula begot a son named Naramitra through his wife named Karenumati. Similarly, Arjuna begot a son named Iravan through his wife known as Ulupi, the daughter of the Nagas, and a son named Babhruvahana by the womb of the princess of Manipura. Babhruvahana became the adopted son of the king of Manipura.
It is to be understood that Parvati is the daughter of the king of the very, very old mountainous country known as the Manipura state. Five thousand years ago, therefore, when the Pandavas ruled, Manipura existed, as did its king. Therefore this kingdom is a very old, aristocratic Vaisnava kingdom. If this kingdom is organized as a Vaisnava state, this revitalization will be a great success because for five thousand years this state has maintained its identity. If the Vaisnava spirit is revived there, it will be a wonderful place, renowned throughout the entire world. Manipuri Vaisnavas are very famous in Vaisnava society. In Vrndavana and Navadvipa there are many temples constructed by the king of Manipura. Some of our devotees belong to the Manipura state. The Krsna consciousness movement, therefore, can be well spread in the state of Manipura by the cooperative efforts of the Krsna conscious devotees.

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