vira-yuthagranir yena
ramo ’pi yudhi tositah
santanor dasa-kanyayam
jajne citrangadah sutah
vira-yutha-agranih—Bhismadeva, the foremost of all warriors; yena—by whom; ramah api—even Parasurama, the incarnation of God; yudhi—in a fight; tositah—was satisfied (when defeated by Bhismadeva); santanoh—by Santanu; dasa-kanyayam—in the womb of Satyavati, who was known as the daughter of a sudra; jajne—was born; citrangadah—Citrangada; sutah—a son.
Bhismadeva was the foremost of all warriors. When he defeated Lord Parasurama in a fight, Lord Parasurama was very satisfied with him. By the semen of Santanu in the womb of Satyavati, the daughter of a fisherman, Citrangada took birth.
Satyavati was actually the daughter of Uparicara Vasu by the womb of a fisherwoman known as Matsyagarbha. Later, Satyavati was raised by a fisherman.
The fight between Parasurama and Bhismadeva concerns three daughters of KasirajaAmbika, Ambalika and Amba—who were forcibly abducted by Bhismadeva, acting on behalf of his brother Vicitravirya. Amba thought that Bhismadeva would marry her and became attached to him, but Bhismadeva refused to marry her, for he had taken the vow of brahmacarya. Amba therefore approached Bhismadeva’s military spiritual master, Parasurama, who instructed Bhisma to marry her. Bhismadeva refused, and therefore Parasurama fought with him to force him to accept the marriage. But Parasurama was defeated, and he was pleased with Bhisma.

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