TEXTS 1415
santim apnoti caivagryam
karmana tena santanuh
sama dvadasa tad-rajye
na vavarsa yada vibhuh
santanur brahmanair uktah
parivettayam agrabhuk
rajyam dehy agrajayasu
santimyouthfulness for sense gratification; apnotione gets; caalso; evaindeed; agryamprincipally; karmanaby the touch of his hand; tenabecause of this; santanuhknown as Santanu; samahyears; dvadasatwelve; tat-rajyein his kingdom; nanot; vavarsasent rain; yadawhen; vibhuhthe controller of the rain, namely the King of heaven, Indra; santanuhSantanu; brahmanaihby the learned brahmanas; uktahwhen advised; parivettafaulty because of being a usurper; ayamthis; agra-bhukenjoying in spite of your elder brothers being present; rajyamthe kingdom; dehigive; agrajayato your elder brother; asuimmediately; pura-rastraof your home and the kingdom; vivrddhayefor elevation.
Because the King was able to make everyone happy for sense gratification, primarily by the touch of his hand, his name was Santanu. Once, when there was no rainfall in the kingdom for twelve years and the King consulted his learned brahminical advisors, they said, You are faulty for enjoying the property of your elder brother. For the elevation of your kingdom and home, you should return the kingdom to him.
One cannot enjoy sovereignty or perform an agnihotra-yajna in the presence of ones elder brother, or else one becomes a usurper, known as parivetta.

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