amadyad indrah somena
daksinabhir dvijatayah
marutah parivestaro
visvedevah sabha-sadah
amadyat—became intoxicated; indrah—the King of heaven, Lord Indra; somena—by drinking the intoxicant soma-rasa; daksinabhih—by receiving sufficient contributions; dvijatayah—the brahminical group; marutah—the airs; parivestarah—offering the foodstuffs; visvedevah—universal demigods; sabha-sadah—members of the assembly.
In that sacrifice, King Indra became intoxicated by drinking a large quantity of soma-rasa. The brahmanas received ample contributions, and therefore they were satisfied. For that sacrifice, the various demigods who control the winds offered foodstuffs, and the Visvedevas were members of the assembly.
Because of the yajna performed by Marutta, everyone was pleased, especially the brahmanas and ksatriyas. Brahmanas are interested in receiving contributions as priests, and ksatriyas are interested in drinking. All of them, therefore, were satisfied with their different engagements.

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