sambaddha-vrsanah so pi
hy ajaya kupa-labdhaya
kalam bahu-titham bhadre
kamair nadyapi tusyati
sambaddha-vrsanahrejoined with his testicles; sahhe; apialso; hiindeed; ajayawith the she-goat; kupa-labdhayawhom he got from the well; kalamfor a time; bahu-tithamof a long, long duration; bhadreO my dear wife; kamaihwith such lusty desires; nanot; adya apieven until now; tusyatiis satisfied.
My dear wife, when the he-goat had his testicles restored, he enjoyed the she-goat he had gotten from the well, but although he continued to enjoy for many, many years, even now he has not been fully satisfied.
When one is bound by affection for ones wife, one is attached to sexual desires that are very difficult to overcome. Therefore, according to Vedic civilization, one must voluntarily leave his so-called home and go to the forest. Pancasordhvam vanam vrajet. Human life is meant for such tapasya, or austerity. By the austerity of voluntarily stopping sex life at home and going to the forest to engage in spiritual activities in the association of devotees, one achieves the actual purpose of human life.

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