turvasus coditah pitra
druhyus canus ca bharata
pratyacakhyur adharmajna
hy anitye nitya-buddhayah
turvasuh—Turvasu, another son; coditah—requested; pitra—by the father (to exchange old age and invalidity for his youth); druhyuh—Druhyu, another son; ca—and; anuhAnu, another son; ca—also; bharata—O King Pariksit; pratyacakhyuh—refused to accept; adharma-jnah—because they did not know religious principles; hi—indeed; a-nitye—temporary youth; nitya-buddhayah—thinking to be permanent.
O Maharaja Pariksit, Yayati similarly requested his sons Turvasu, Druhyu and Anu to exchange their youth for his old age, but because they were unaware of religious principles, they thought that their flickering youth was eternal, and therefore they refused to carry out their father’s order.

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