sri-yayatir uvaca
atrpto smy adya kamanam
brahman duhitari sma te
vyatyasyatam yatha-kamam
vayasa yo bhidhasyati
sri-yayatih uvacaKing Yayati said; atrptahunsatisfied; asmiI am; adyatill now; kamanamto satisfy my lusty desires; brahmanO learned brahmana; duhitariin connection with the daughter; smain the past; teyour; vyatyasyatamjust exchange; yatha-kamamas long as you are lusty; vayasawith youth; yah abhidhasyatiof one who agrees to exchange your old age for his youth.
King Yayati said, O learned, worshipable brahmana, I have not yet satisfied my lusty desires with your daughter. Sukracarya then replied, You may exchange your old age with someone who will agree to transfer his youth to you.
When King Yayati said that he had not yet satisfied his lusty desires with Sukracaryas daughter, Sukracarya saw that it was against the interests of his own daughter for Yayati to continue in old age and invalidity, for certainly his lusty daughter would not be satisfied. Therefore Sukracarya blessed his son-in-law by saying that he could exchange his old age for someone elses youth. He indicated that if Yayatis son would exchange his youth for Yayatis old age, Yayati could continue to enjoy sex with Devayani.

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