tavat satyavati matra
sva-carum yacita sati
srestham matva tayayacchan
matre matur adat svayam
tavat—in the meantime; satyavatiSatyavati, the wife of Rcika; matra—by her mother; sva-carum—the oblation meant for herself (Satyavati); yacita—asked to give; sati—being; srestham—better; matva—thinking; taya—by her; ayacchat—delivered; matre—to her mother; matuh—of the mother; adat—ate; svayam—personally.
Meanwhile, because Satyavati’s mother thought that the oblation prepared for her daughter, Rcika’s wife, must be better, she asked her daughter for that oblation. Satyavati therefore gave her own oblation to her mother and ate her mother’s oblation herself.
A husband naturally has some affection for his wife. Therefore Satyavati’s mother thought that the oblation prepared for Satyavati by the sage Rcika must have been better than her own oblation. In Rcika’s absence, the mother took the better oblation from Satyavati and ate it.

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