punah sva-hastair acalan mrdhe ’nghripan
utksipya vegad abhidhavato yudhi
bhujan kutharena kathora-nemina
ciccheda ramah prasabham tv aher iva
punah—again; sva-hastaih—by his own hands; acalan—hills; mrdhe—in the battlefield; anghripan—trees; utksipya—after uprooting; vegat—with great force; abhidhavatah—of he who was running very forcefully; yudhi—in the battlefield; bhujan—all the arms; kutharena—by his axe; kathora-nemina—which was very sharp; ciccheda—cut to pieces; ramah—Lord Parasurama; prasabham—with great force; tu—but; aheh iva—just like the hoods of a serpent.
When his arrows were cut to pieces, Kartaviryarjuna uprooted many trees and hills with his own hands and again rushed strongly toward Lord Parasurama to kill him. But Parasurama then used his axe with great force to cut off Kartaviryarjuna’s arms, just as one might lop off the hoods of a serpent.

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