upalabhya muda yuktah
samuvasa taya nisam
athainam urvasi praha
krpanam virahaturam
upalabhya—getting the association; muda—in great jubilation; yuktah—being united; samuvasa—enjoyed her company in sex; taya—with her; nisam—that night; atha—thereafter; enam—unto King Pururava; urvasi—the woman named Urvasi; praha—said; krpanam—to he who was poor-hearted; viraha-aturam—afflicted by the thought of separation.
Having regained Urvasi at the end of the year, King Pururava was most jubilant, and he enjoyed her company in sex for one night. But then he was very sorry at the thought of separation from her, so Urvasi spoke to him as follows.

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