aho jaye tistha tistha
ghore na tyaktum arhasi
mam tvam adyapy anirvrtya
vacamsi krnavavahai
ahohello; jayeO my dear wife; tistha tisthakindly stay, stay; ghoreO most cruel one; nanot; tyaktumto give up; arhasiyou ought; mamme; tvamyou; adya apiuntil now; anirvrtyahaving not gotten any happiness from me; vacamsisome words; krnavavahailet us talk for some time.
O my dear wife, O most cruel one, kindly stay, kindly stay. I know that I have never made you happy until now, but you should not give me up for that reason. This is not proper for you. Even if you have decided to give up my company, let us nonetheless talk for some time.

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