vanani nadyo girayo
varsani dvipa-sindhavah
sarve kama-dugha asan
prajanam bharatarsabha
vanani—the forests; nadyah—the rivers; girayah—the hills and mountains; varsani—various parts of the states or divisions on the surface of the earth; dvipa—islands; sindhavah—the oceans and seas; sarve—all of them; kama-dughah—full of their respective opulences; asan—existed like that; prajanam—of all the living beings; bharata-rsabha—O Maharaja Pariksit, best of the Bharata dynasty.
O Maharaja Pariksit, best of the Bharata dynasty, during the reign of Lord Ramacandra the forests, the rivers, the hills and mountains, the states, the seven islands and the seven seas were all favorable in supplying the necessities of life for all living beings.

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