TEXTS 35–38
bharatah praptam akarnya
paduke sirasi nyasya
ramam pratyudyato ’grajam
nandigramat sva-sibirad
brahma-ghosena ca muhuh
pathadbhir brahmavadibhih
haimais citra-dhvajai rathaih
sad-asvai rukma-sannahair
bhataih purata-varmabhih
srenibhir vara-mukhyabhir
bhrtyais caiva padanugaih
paramesthyany upadaya
panyany uccavacani ca
padayor nyapatat premna
bharatah—Lord Bharata; praptam—coming back home; akarnya—hearing; paura—all kinds of citizens; amatya—all the ministers; purohitaih—accompanied by all the priests; paduke—the two wooden shoes; sirasi—on the head; nyasya—keeping; ramam—unto Lord Ramacandra; pratyudyatah—going forward to receive; agrajam—His eldest brother; nandigramat—from His residence, known as Nandigrama; sva-sibirat—from His own camp; gita-vaditra—songs and vibrations of drums and other musical instruments; nihsvanaih—accompanied by such sounds; brahma-ghosena—by the sound of chanting of Vedic mantras; ca—and; muhuh—always; pathadbhih—reciting from the Vedas; brahma-vadibhih—by first-class brahmanas; svarna-kaksa-patakabhih—decorated with flags with golden embroidery; haimaih—golden; citra-dhvajaih—with decorated flags; rathaih—with chariots; sat-asvaih—having very beautiful horses; rukma—golden; sannahaih—with harnesses; bhataih—by soldiers; purata-varmabhih—covered with armor made of gold; srenibhih—by such a line or procession; vara-mukhyabhih—accompanied by beautiful, well-dressed prostitutes; bhrtyaih—by servants; ca—also; eva—indeed; pada-anugaih—by infantry; paramesthyani—other paraphernalia befitting a royal reception; upadaya—taking all together; panyani—valuable jewels, etc.; ucca-avacani—of different values; ca—also; padayoh—at the lotus feet of the Lord; nyapatat—fell down; premna—in ecstatic love; praklinna—softened, moistened; hrdaya—the core of the heart; iksanah—whose eyes.
When Lord Bharata understood that Lord Ramacandra was returning to the capital, Ayodhya, He immediately took upon His own head Lord Ramacandra’s wooden shoes and came out from His camp at Nandigrama. Lord Bharata was accompanied by ministers, priests and other respectable citizens, by professional musicians vibrating pleasing musical sounds, and by learned brahmanas loudly chanting Vedic hymns. Following in the procession were chariots drawn by beautiful horses with harnesses of golden rope. These chariots were decorated by flags with golden embroidery and by other flags of various sizes and patterns. There were soldiers bedecked with golden armor, servants bearing betel nut, and many well-known and beautiful prostitutes. Many servants followed on foot, bearing an umbrella, whisks, different grades of precious jewels, and other paraphernalia befitting a royal reception. Accompanied in this way, Lord Bharata, His heart softened in ecstasy and His eyes full of tears, approached Lord Ramacandra and fell at His lotus feet with great ecstatic love.

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