dagdhvatma-krtya-hata-krtyam ahan kabandham
sakhyam vidhaya kapibhir dayita-gatim taih
buddhvatha valini hate plavagendra-sainyair
velam agat sa manujo ’ja-bhavarcitanghrih
dagdhva—by burning; atma-krtya-hata-krtyam—after performing religious rituals required after the death of Jatayu, who died for the Lord’s cause; ahan—killed; kabandham—the demon Kabandha; sakhyam—friendship; vidhaya—after creating; kapibhih—with the monkey chiefs; dayita-gatim—the arrangement for delivering Sita; taih—by them; buddhva—knowing; atha—thereafter; valini hate—when Vali had been killed; plavaga-indra-sainyaih—with the help of the soldiers of the monkeys; velam—to the beach of the ocean; agat—went; sah—He, Lord Ramacandra; manu-jah—appearing as a human being; aja—by Lord Brahma; bhava—and by Lord Siva; arcita-anghrih—whose lotus feet are worshiped.
Lord Ramacandra, whose lotus feet are worshiped by Lord Brahma and Lord Siva, had assumed the form of a human being. Thus He performed the funeral ceremony of Jatayu, who was killed by Ravana. The Lord then killed the demon named Kabandha, and after making friends with the monkey chiefs, killing Vali and arranging for the deliverance of mother Sita, He went to the beach of the ocean.
When Ravana kidnapped Sita, he was obstructed on the way by Jatayu, a large bird. But the powerful Ravana defeated Jatayu in the fight and cut his wing. When Ramacandra was searching for Sita, He found Jatayu almost dead and was informed that Sita has been carried off by Ravana. When Jatayu died, Lord Ramacandra did the duty of a son by performing the funeral ceremony, and then He made friends with the monkeys to deliver Sitadevi.

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