srstam vilokya nrpate dasa-kandharena
jaghne ’dbhutaina-vapusasramato ’pakrsto
maricam asu visikhena yatha kam ugrah
sita-katha—topics about Sitadevi; sravana—by hearing; dipita—agitated; hrt-sayena—lusty desires within the mind of Ravana; srstam—created; vilokya—seeing that; nrpate—O King Pariksit; dasa-kandharena—by Ravana, who had ten heads; jaghne—the Lord killed; adbhuta-ena-vapusa—by a deer made of gold; asramatah—from His residence; apakrstah—distracted to a distance; maricam—the demon Marica, who assumed the form of a golden deer; asu—immediately; visikhena—by a sharp arrow; yatha—as; kamDaksa; ugrah—Lord Siva.
O King Pariksit, when Ravana, who had ten heads on his shoulders, heard about the beautiful and attractive features of Sita, his mind was agitated by lusty desires, and he went to kidnap her. To distract Lord Ramacandra from His asrama, Ravana sent Marica in the form of a golden deer, and when Lord Ramacandra saw that wonderful deer, He left His residence and followed it and finally killed it with a sharp arrow, just as Lord Siva killed Daksa.

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