sri-bhagavan uvaca
katham kasyapa-dayadah
pumscalyam mayi sangatah
visvasam pandito jatu
kaminisu na yati hi
sri-bhagavan uvaca—the Supreme Personality of Godhead in the form of Mohini-murti said; katham—how is it so; kasyapa-dayadah—you are all descendants of Kasyapa Muni; pumscalyam—unto a prostitute who agitates the minds of men; mayi—unto Me; sangatah—you come in My association; visvasam—faith; panditah—those who are learned; jatu—at any time; kaminisu—unto a woman; na—never; yati—takes place; hi—indeed.
The Supreme Personality of Godhead, in the form of Mohini, told the demons: O sons of Kasyapa Muni, I am only a prostitute. How is it that you have so much faith in Me? A learned person never puts his faith in a woman.
Canakya Pandita, the great politician and moral instructor, said, visvaso naiva kartavyah strisu raja-kulesu ca: “Never put your faith in a woman or a politician.” Thus the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who was pretending to be a woman, warned the demons against putting so much faith in Her, for She had appeared as an attractive woman ultimately to cheat them. Indirectly disclosing the purpose for which She had appeared before them, She said to the sons of Kasyapa, “How is this? You were all born of a great rsi, yet you are putting your faith in a woman who is loitering here and there like a prostitute, unprotected by father or husband. Women in general should not be trusted, and what to speak of a woman loitering like a prostitute?” The word kamini is significant in this connection. Women, especially beautiful young women, invoke the dormant lusty desires of a man. Therefore, according to Manu-samhita, every woman should be protected, either by her husband, by her father or by her grown sons. Without such protection, a woman will be exploited. Indeed, women like to be exploited by men. As soon as a woman is exploited by a man, she becomes a common prostitute. This is explained by Mohini-murti, the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

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