na vayam tvamarair daityaih
nasprsta-purvam janimo
lokesais ca kuto nrbhih
na—it is not; vayam—we; tva—unto You; amaraih—by the demigods; daityaih—by the demons; siddha—by the Siddhas; gandharva—by the Gandharvas; caranaih—and by the Caranas; na—not; asprsta-purvam—never enjoyed or touched by anyone; janimah—know exactly; loka-isaih—by the various directors of the universe; ca—also; kutah—what to speak of; nrbhih—by human society.
What to speak of human beings, even the demigods, demons, Siddhas, Gandharvas, Caranas and the various directors of the universe, the Prajapatis, have never touched You before. It is not that we are unable to understand Your identity.
Even the asuras observed the etiquette that no one should address a married woman with lust. The great analyst Canakya Pandita says, matrvat para-daresu: one should consider anotherís wife to be oneís mother. The asuras, the demons, took it for granted that the beautiful young woman, Mohini-murti, who had arrived before them, was certainly not married. Therefore they assumed that no one in the world, including the demigods, the Gandharvas, the Caranas and the Siddhas, had ever touched Her. The demons knew that the young girl was unmarried, and therefore they dared to address Her. They supposed that the young girl, Mohini-murti, had come there to find a husband among all those present (the Daityas, the demigods, the Gandharvas and so on).

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