ka tvam kanja-palasaksi
kuto va kim cikirsasi
kasyasi vada vamoru
mathnativa manamsi nah
kawho; tvamare You; kanja-palasa-aksihaving eyes like the petals of a lotus; kutahfrom where; vaeither; kim cikirsasiwhat is the purpose for which You have come here; kasyaof whom; asido You belong; vadakindly tell us; vama-uruO You whose thighs are extraordinarily beautiful; mathnatiagitating; ivalike; manamsiwithin our minds; nahour.
O wonderfully beautiful girl, You have such nice eyes, resembling the petals of a lotus flower. Who are You? Where do You come from? What is Your purpose in coming here, and to whom do You belong? O You whose thighs are extraordinarily beautiful, our minds are becoming agitated simply because of seeing You.
The demons inquired from the wonderfully beautiful girl, To whom do You belong? A woman is supposed to belong to her father before her marriage, to her husband after her marriage, and to her grown sons in her old age. In regard to this inquiry, Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura says that the question To whom do You belong? means Whose daughter are You? Since the demons could understand that the beautiful girl was still unmarried, every one of them desired to marry Her. Thus they inquired, Whose daughter are You?

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