tasyam krtatipranayah
bahu-manena cabaddha
nocuh kincana vipriyam
tasyamof Mohini-murti; krta-ati-pranayahbecause of staunch friendship; pranaya-apaya-katarahbeing afraid that their friendship with Her would be broken; bahu-manenaby great respect and honor; caalso; abaddhahbeing too attached to Her; nanot; ucuhthey said; kincanaeven the slightest thing; vipriyamby which Mohini-murti might be displeased with them.
The demons had developed affection for Mohini-murti and a kind of faith in Her, and they were afraid of disturbing their relationship. Therefore they showed respect and honor to Her words and did not say anything that might disturb their friendship with Her.
The demons were so captivated by the tricks and friendly words of Mohini-murti that although the demigods were served first, the demons were pacified merely by sweet words. The Lord said to the demons, The demigods are very miserly and are excessively anxious to take the nectar first. So let them have it first. Since you are not like them you can wait a little longer. You are all heroes and are so pleased with Me. It is better for you to wait until after the demigods drink.

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