daityān gṛhīta-kalaso
vañcayann upasañcaraiḥ
dūra-sthān pāyayām āsa
jarā-mṛtyu-harāṁ sudhām
daityān—the demons; gṛhīta-kalasaḥ—the Lord, who bore the container of nectar; vañcayan—by cheating; upasañcaraiḥ—with sweet words; dūra-sthān—the demigods, who were sitting at a distant place; pāyayām āsa—made them drink; jarā-mṛtyu-harām—which can counteract invalidity, old age and death; sudhām—such nectar.
Taking the container of nectar in Her hands, She first approached the demons, satisfied them with sweet words and thus cheated them of their share of the nectar. Then She administered the nectar to the demigods, who were sitting at a distant place, to make them free from invalidity, old age and death.
Mohinī-mūrti, the Personality of Godhead, gave the demigods seats at a distance. Then She approached the demons and spoke with them very graciously, so that they thought themselves very fortunate to talk with Her. Since Mohinī-mūrti had seated the demigods at a distant place, the demons thought that the demigods would get only a little of the nectar and that Mohinī-mūrti was so pleased with the demons that She would give the demons all the nectar. The words vañcayann upasañcaraiḥ indicate that the Lord’s whole policy was to cheat the demons simply by speaking sweet words. The Lord’s intention was to distribute the nectar only to the demigods.

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