tatas capsaraso jata
niska-kanthyah suvasasah
ramanyah svarginam valgu-
tatah—thereafter; ca—also; apsarasah—the residents of Apsaroloka; jatah—were generated; niska-kanthyah—decorated with golden necklaces; su-vasasah—dressed with fine clothing; ramanyah—extremely beautiful and attractive; svarginam—of the inhabitants of the heavenly planets; valgu-gati-lila-avalokanaih—moving very softly, they attract everyone’s heart.
Next there appeared the Apsaras [who are used as prostitutes on the heavenly planets]. They were fully decorated with golden ornaments and lockets and were dressed in fine and attractive clothing. The Apsaras move very slowly in an attractive style that bewilders the inhabitants of the heavenly planets.

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