iti tad-dainyam alokya
bhagavan bhrtya-kama-krt
ma khidyata mitho ’rtham vah
sadhayisye sva-mayaya
iti—in this way; tat—of the demigods; dainyam—moroseness; alokya—seeing; bhagavan—the Supreme Personality of Godhead; bhrtya-kama-krt—who is always ready to fulfill the desires of His servants; ma khidyata—do not be aggrieved; mithah—by a quarrel; artham—to get nectar; vah—for all of you; sadhayisye—I shall execute; sva-mayaya—by My own energy.
When the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who always desires to fulfill the ambitions of His devotees, saw that the demigods were morose, He said to them, “Do not be aggrieved. By My own energy I shall bewilder the demons by creating a quarrel among them. In this way I shall fulfill your desire to have the nectar.”

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