kvacic cirayur na hi sila-mangalam
kvacit tad apy asti na vedyam ayusah
yatrobhayam kutra ca so ípy amangalah
sumangalah kasca na kanksate hi mam
kvacit—someone; cira-ayuh—has a long duration of life; na—not; hi—indeed; sila-mangalam—good behavior or auspiciousness; kvacit—someone; tat api—although possessing good behavior; asti—is; na—not; vedyam ayusah—aware of the duration of life; yatra ubhayam—if there are both (behavior and auspiciousness); kutra—somewhere; ca—also; sah—that person; api—although; amangalah—a little inauspicious in some other detail; su-mangalah—auspicious in every respect; kasca—someone; na—not; kanksate—desires; hi—indeed; mam—me.
Someone may have longevity but not have auspiciousness or good behavior. Someone may have both auspiciousness and good behavior, but the duration of his life is not fixed. Although such demigods as Lord Siva have eternal life, they have inauspicious habits like living in crematoriums. And even if others are well qualified in all respects, they are not devotees of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

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