vilokayanti niravadyam atmanah
padam dhruvam cavyabhicari-sad-gunam
traipistapeyadisu nanvavindata
vilokayantiobserving, examining; niravadyamwithout any fault; atmanahfor herself; padamposition; dhruvameternal; caalso; avyabhicari-sat-gunamwithout any change of qualities; gandharvaamong the inhabitants of Gandharvaloka; siddhathe inhabitants of Siddhaloka; asurathe demons; yaksathe Yaksas; caranathe inhabitants of Caranaloka; traipistapeya-adisuand among the demigods; nanot; anvavindatacould accept any one of them.
While walking among the Gandharvas, Yaksas, asuras, Siddhas, Caranas and denizens of heaven, Laksmidevi, the goddess of fortune, was scrutinizingly examining them, but she could not find anyone naturally endowed with all good qualities. None of them was devoid of faults, and therefore she could not take shelter of any of them.
The goddess of fortune, Laksmidevi, having been generated from the ocean of milk, was the daughter of the ocean. Thus she was allowed to select her own husband in a svayamvara ceremony. She examined every one of the candidates, but she could not find anyone suitably qualified to be her shelter. In other words, Narayana, the natural husband of Laksmi, cannot be superseded by anyone in this material world.

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