samudrah pita-kauseya-
vasasi samupaharat
varunah srajam vaijayantim
madhuna matta-satpadam
samudrah—the ocean; pita-kauseya—yellow silk; vasasi—both the upper and lower portions of a garment; samupaharat—presented; varunah—the predominating deity of the water; srajam—garland; vaijayantim—the most decorated and the biggest; madhuna—with honey; matta—drunken; sat-padam—bumblebees, which have six legs.
The ocean, which is the source of all valuable jewels, supplied the upper and lower portions of a yellow silken garment. The predominating deity of the water, Varuna, presented flower garlands surrounded by six-legged bumblebees, drunken with honey.
When bathing the Deity in the abhiseka ceremony with various liquids, such as milk, honey, yogurt, ghee, cow dung and cow urine, it is customary to supply yellow garments. In this way the abhiseka ceremony for the goddess of fortune was performed according to the regular Vedic principles.

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