ṛṣayaḥ kalpayāṁ cakrur
ābhiṣekaṁ yathā-vidhi
jagur bhadrāṇi gandharvā
naṭyaś ca nanṛtur jaguḥ
ṛṣayaḥ—the great sages; kalpayām cakruḥ—executed; ābhiṣekam—the abhiṣeka ceremony, which is required during the installation of the Deity; yathā-vidhi—as directed in the authorized scriptures; jaguḥ—chanted Vedic mantras; bhadrāṇi—all good fortune; gandharvāḥ—and the inhabitants of Gandharvaloka; naṭyaḥ—the women who were professional dancers; ca—also; nanṛtuḥ—very nicely danced on the occasion; jaguḥ—and sang authorized songs prescribed in the Vedas.
The great sages performed the bathing ceremony of the goddess of fortune as directed in the authorized scriptures, the Gandharvas chanted all-auspicious Vedic mantras, and the professional women dancers very nicely danced and sang authorized songs prescribed in the Vedas.

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