abhisecanika bhumir
aharat sakalausadhih
gavah panca pavitrani
vasanto madhu-madhavau
abhisecanikah—paraphernalia required for installing the Deity; bhumih—the land; aharat—collected; sakala—all kinds of; ausadhih—drugs and herbs; gavah—the cows; panca—five different varieties of products from the cow, namely milk, yogurt, clarified butter, cow dung and cow urine; pavitrani—uncontaminated; vasantah—personified springtime; madhu-madhavau—flowers and fruits produced during spring, or in the months of Caitra and Vaisakha.
The land became a person and collected all the drugs and herbs needed for installing the Deity. The cows delivered five products, namely milk, yogurt, ghee, urine and cow dung, and spring personified collected everything produced in spring, during the months of Caitra and Vaisakha [April and May].
Panca-gavya, the five products received from the cow, namely milk, yogurt, ghee, cow dung and cow urine, are required in all ritualistic ceremonies performed according to the Vedic directions. Cow urine and cow dung are uncontaminated, and since even the urine and dung of a cow are important, we can just imagine how important this animal is for human civilization. Therefore the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krsna, directly advocates go-raksya, the protection of cows. Civilized men who follow the system of varnasrama, especially those of the vaisya class, who engage in agriculture and trade, must give protection to the cows. Unfortunately, because people in Kali-yuga are mandah, all bad, and sumanda-matayah, misled by false conceptions of life, they are killing cows in the thousands. Therefore they are unfortunate in spiritual consciousness, and nature disturbs them in so many ways, especially through incurable diseases like cancer and through frequent wars and among nations. As long as human society continues to allow cows to be regularly killed in slaughterhouses, there cannot be any question of peace and prosperity.

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